John Worle Cider Apple & Perry Pear Trees
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Bush Tree

Half-Standard Tree
Standard Tree
Bush Trees (bare-rooted)
  Apple Pear
1-10 trees £16.00 £17.00
11-50 trees £14.00 £15.00
51-100 trees £12.00 £13.00
101-200 trees £10.00 £11.00

Half-Standard Trees (bare-rooted)
  Apple Pear
1-100 trees £30.00 £35.00
101-200 trees £27.50 £32.50
201+ trees £25.00 £30.00

Standard Trees (bare-rooted)
  Apple Pear
1-100 trees £38.00 £40.00
101-200 trees £35.00 £37.00
201+ trees £32.00 £34.00

For larger orders please contact John directly.

Stake, guards and ties packs for bush trees are avaialble at £3+VAT/pack. Standard tree packs are also available at £9+VAT/pack.

For collection and delivery arrangements please see our FAQ's page

Placing your order:

Please refer to our current availability pdf for the most up-to-date list of availability of our trees. Please note that although we do update this list frequently, it is possible that some varieties may become unavailable before your order is received, we will aim to confirm availability promptly once your order has been received.


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