John Worle Cider Apple & Perry Pear Trees
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Cider Apple & Perry Pear Varieties
Cider Apple Trees
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Cider Apple Trees bare rooted - available from approx mid Nov til early April
º New Seedling Variety / PG - Pollinator Group
*Triploid - requires at least one other diploid variety flowering at the same time
  PG Harvesting Type     PG Harvesting Type
Amandaº 2 Early Bittersweet   Jane 3 Mid Bittersweet
Angelaº 3 Early Bittersharp   Katy 1 Early Sweet
Ashmeads Kernal 2 Mid Sweet/Sharp   Joannaº 2 Early Sharp
Ashton Brown Jersey 3 Late Bittersweet   Kingston Black 3 Late-Mid Bittersharp
Backwell Red 2 Mid Sharp   Knotted Kernal 2 Mid Bittersweet
Ball's Bittersweet 3 Late Bittersweet   Late Gold   Late Bittersweet
Bettyº 3 Early/Mid Sharp   Lizzyº 2 Early Bittersweet
Bramley's Seedling 2 Mid Sharp   Malus      
Brown's Apple 3 Mid Sharp   Maggieº 1 Early Bittersharp
Brown Snout 4 Late Bittersweet   Michelin 3 Late-Mid Bittersweet
Broxwood Foxwhelp 1 Early Bittersharp   Morgan Sweet 2 Early Sweet
Bulmers Foxwhelp 1 Early Bittersharp   Naomiº 1 Early/Mid Bittersweet
Bulmer's Norman 3 Mid Bittersweet   Porters Perfection 3 Late Bittersharp
Cider Ladies Finger 2 Early Sharp   Prince Williamº 2 Mid Bittersweet
Collington Big Bitters 4 Mid Bittersweet   Reinette Obry 2 Mid Sharp
Court de Wyck 3 Early Sweet   Somerset Redstreak 3 Early Bittersweet
Court Royal* 2 Mid Sweet   Stoke Red 4 Mid Bittersharp
Crimson King* 2 Late-Mid Sharp   Sweet Alford 3 Late Bittersweet
Dabinett 4 Late Bittersweet   Three Countiesº 2 Early Bittersweet
Debbieº 3 Early Sharp   Tinaº 1 Early Bittersweet
Dymock Red 1 Early Bittersharp   Tom Putt 2 Early Sharp
Early Birdº 2 Early Bittersweet   Tremletts Bitter 2 Mid Bittersweet
Ellis Bitter 4 Early Bittersweet   Vickyº 1 Early Bittersweet
Fillbarrel 2 Late-Mid Bittersweet   Vilberie 4 Late Bittersweet
Fionaº 1 Early Bittersharp   White Norman 2 Mid Bittersweet
Frederick 3 Mid Sharp   White Jersey 3 Early Bittersweet
Gillyº 1 Early Bittersharp/sweet   Yarlington Mill 3 Late-Mid Bittersweet
Grenadier 1 Early Sharp   Yeovil Sour 4 Mid/Late Sharp
Harry Masters Jersey 4 Late-Mid Bittersweet          
Hastingsº 3 Early Bittersweet          
Helen's Appleº 2 Mid Bittersweet          

John's Special Apple Selection
for the
Artisan & Craft Cider Maker
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please note:
Yarlington Mill, Fillbarrel,
Vilberie, Reinette Obry, Foxwhelp
Ellis Bitter, Court de Wyck and
Frederick do not tend to grow
feathers in the maiden tree
but produce them
in their second year.