John Worle Cider Apple & Perry Pear Trees
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Cider Apple & Perry Pear Varieties
Cider Apple Trees
Other Cider Apple Trees
Perry Pear Trees
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Perry Pear Trees  
bare rooted - available from approx mid Nov til early April
*Triploid - requires at least one other diploid variety flowering at the same time.
  Polinator Group Harvesting Type     Polinator Group Harvesting Type
Barland 3 Early Bittersharp   Hendre Huffcap 1 Early Sweet
Barnet 3 Mid Sweet   Judge Amphlett 1 Early Sharp
Blakeney Red 2 Early/Mid Sharp   Moorcroft 1 Early Sharp
Brandy 3 Mid Sharp   Oldfield 2 Late-Mid Bittersharp
Brown Bess 2 Late Sharp   Red Pear 4 Late-Mid Sweet
Butt 2 Late Sharp   Thorn 2 Early Sharp
Gin 3 Late Sharp   Turner's Barn 2 Mid Sharp
Green Horse 2 Mid Sharp   Winnal's Longdon 2 Late-Early Sharp
Hellen's Early 2 Early Sharp   Yellow Huffcap 2 Early-Mid Sharp

Suggested Planting Groups
Perry Pear Trees
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